ServicesAt O’Neill’s, our employees are thoroughly knowledgeable of our products' functions and operations. All of our vendors require our techs to attend periodic service seminars, but that doesn't mean they only know how to disassemble or reassemble a unit! Being factory trained doesn't necessarily mean a service tech knows the ins and outs of our products, which is why our employees on the job experience is so valuable.

We require employees that are able to find the problem with your machine by understanding how and where it has been used. Once they've identified the problem, they need to be able to resolve it in a timely, cost effective way that meets our customer's expectations.

A job may require a tech to go back to the manufacturer when necessary, to argue an owner's case when it's an issue that should fall under a product's warranty. This is something our service techs are more than willing to do. We go that extra mile, because we want our customers to be satisfied, and to know just how much we appreciate their time and business.

If you need routine service or major repairs on a product, give us a call at (585)-924-2554 or send us an e-mail at

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State Inspection
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Service Description

We’ll inspect your vehicle annually or semi-annually for safety and emissions. If your vehicle is not up to state standards, we’ll let you know which items need service, and we’ll fix and upgrade your vehicle right in our shop.